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When it comes to your health, nothing should be taken for granted. And definitely not a vital nutrient like clean water. Water not only takes care of our basic needs but also provides assurance that our sensitive medical requirements are met without complications. This is why you should always ensure that the water you are using is pure and free from any contaminants. Aquapap’s vapor distilled water is the best and purest form of water for use in your medical equipment and for consumption. Our process of distillation removes all impurities, leaving behind only pure water.

Aquapap was created to provide clean single-serving bottles of water conveniently. Due to its use in medical equipment and machines, vapor distilled water is in high demand. However, there is always a challenge to source distilled water in the right quantity. Due to the risk of bacterial growth, an opened bottle of distilled water is unfit for use after 48 hours. This makes the commonly available gallon-sized jugs inconvenient and even unsafe to use. At Aquapap we understand that one size rarely fits all. We give you the freedom to choose from 3 single-serving sizes as per your requirements. As the first entrant into the industry to manufacture single-serve vapor distilled water specifically for CPAPs, we understand how important it is to have easy access to safe, clean water at all times.

The Aquapap Vapor Distilled Water Advantage

There is clearly no shortage of water types on the market. Just go down to your local grocery store, and you will find a seemingly endless range of water coming from different locations, flavored with all kinds of additives, and brand after brand of similar bottles all lined up as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all these brands have what you need.

While this variety of brands may be sufficient for general consumption, they are limited in terms of the uses that they have. There is only so much value that added flavors could give you. What you need is pure unadulterated water that can not only be drunk but also be used for all your medical and mechanical needs. This is why Aquapap provides vapor distilled water.

Distillation is a process that has existed for centuries. Distilled water has been in use since 200 AD, so it is fair to say humans have had a long connection to this purification procedure. Over the years, the process has gotten more refined to the degree that we can make it available conveniently all across the country. The process of distillation consists of turning water into vapor by boiling it and letting it condense in another container. This allows the water to separate from any contaminants, leaving them behind in the original container and results in completely pure water. Performing this kind of process at home is time-consuming and complicated.

Additionally, due to the short lifespan of exposed vapor distilled water, you can only distill small amounts of water at a time. This means not only does it take more time, but you are also more likely to not have vapor distilled water when you need it most. This is why Aquapap’s convenient, portable and pure vapor distilled water is a game-changer. Let’s take a look at some of the common uses for Aquapap water.

The essential companion to your CPAP, BIPAP, oxygen concentrator or room humidifier

You know how important your CPAP machine is. It can make the difference between a restorative night’s sleep leading to improved overall wellness and potentially serious health consequences. While traveling, being able to bring your CPAP machine gives you peace of mind that your trip will be well-rested and comfortable…but only if you have fresh distilled water to use in your humidifier chamber.

When you are on the go (or even at home), it can be a challenge to keep uncontaminated distilled water on hand to use in your CPAP. Once opened, a bottle of any kind of water becomes exposed to impurities (Cross Contaminated). The bacteria introduced by opening distilled water doubles every two days, so the faster you use it the safer it will be. It isn’t recommended to use distilled water past 48 hours, especially in a CPAP machine humidifier where you are breathing it directly into your lungs. That means that unless you use the whole thing, there will be waste involved every time you open a gallon jug. This is particularly the case in children who suffer from respiratory issues. CPAP machines for children can be life-savers. However, using undistilled water or distilled water that’s no longer pure due to exposure to the air can have more negative effects than positive ones. This is why it is essential to use the purest forms of water in a CPAP’s humidifier chamber.

Oxygen concentrator patients need to ensure that their humidifiers are using the purest water possible. A typical continuous flow Oxygen patient should only use Aquapap vapor distilled water and never use tap or spring water in their oxygen humidifier. There’s no telling the damage being done by inhaling the impurities from tap water.

Room humidifiers are known for improving the comfort in a room, and using fresh vapor distilled water is an advantage. Aquapap vapor distilled water adds moisture to the air that is safe and pure. This avoids any further addition of bacteria or other contaminants to the air. Also, the minerals in tap water can collect in the humidifier, causing scaling and clogging. Using Aquapap water ensures a pure experience every time.

The essential companion to your Netipot/nasal rinse, steam inhalation, and facial steam treatments, or microblading and tattoo aftercare

Netipot and Nasal rinse treatments require 8 ounces of vapor distilled water each time. Aquapap vapor distilled water can be used with any Netipot or Nasal rinse products available, including the widely available salt or nasal packets. The use of tap water should be strictly prohibited based on the dangers of introducing organisms such as the brain-eating amoeba into our bodies; there have been several cases resulting in death in recent years when tap water was used.

Steam Inhalation treatments are most effective when using Aquapap vapor distilled water. Treatments ranging from the new portable ultrasonic steam inhalers to the stationary countertop steam inhaler are ideal opportunities to use Aquapap vapor distilled water. Many people rely on their steam inhalers to treat allergies and chronic nasal congestion successfully.

Facial steaming has long been a reliable tool in the beauty industry. With the easy availability of facial steamers at home and for travel, facial steaming has become a daily necessity for beautiful women everywhere. Aquapap vapor distilled water is the perfect size for home use or travel. It only makes sense that beauty consultants insist on using clean and pure vapor distilled water for every treatment.

Microblading and tattoos are becoming more popular every day. Cosmetic enhancements are offered in many forms and styles. Aquapap vapor distilled water is the safe and clean aftercare option offered by beauty salons and tattoo parlors. The need to blot with clean, safe vapor distilled water after a new procedure has proven to be much safer than applying tap water to freshly inked skin. Technicians prefer the reliability of Aquapap vapor distilled water for their clients to use in the days following a new work of art.

The purity of vapor distilled water is also vital for various types of medical equipment and laboratory use. Eye surgery centers are currently using Aquapap water for the calibration and cleaning of their ophthalmologic equipment.

 A safe water option for those at risk of infection

One of the most important considerations for health and safety is the protection of the most vulnerable among us. While contaminants can be damaging to anybody, they can be particularly harmful to those who are prone to illnesses including senior citizens, the chronically ill or immune-compromised, and very young children. It is vital that we provide the purest water to those who need it the most. Though vapor distilled water is an ancient method, its value has not diminished with time and it continues to be a valuable resource for these segments of our population.

Vapor distilled water is usable for a variety of purposes because it is neutral in taste. Mineral water often comes with a distinct taste that can affect the flavor of food and drink, and tap water comes with even more health complications which can make it dangerous (we’ll cover more on that later). This is why Aquapap’s vapor distilled water can be used for sensitive purposes such as making baby formula or food and drink for immune sensitive and elderly people. Since vapor distilled water has a neutral taste, it doesn’t impact children, who might respond poorly to the flavor of other kinds of water.

vapor distilled water is good for use in neti pots

When we think about vulnerable people, hospital patients come to mind first. Hospital staff has to be extremely careful to prevent the inadvertent spreading of diseases. This level of care also has to be brought to the kind of water used in hospitals and other sensitive care situations. Everything from food preparation to medical procedures such as water aspiration uses vapor distilled water to ensure its safety. Even home procedures like routine nasal rinsing can be improved using Aquapap vapor distilled water, and we offer a Neti Pot and Nasal rinse Aquapap vapor distilled water for this very purpose.

For all these reasons, Aquapap vapor distilled water is currently being used in hospitals and sleep centers across the U.S. Beauty salons and tattoo shops are also choosing the purity of Aquapap water for microblading aftercare.

The brand trusted by hospitals can be in your hands, too. Shop now and bring home the purity of Aquapap.

Safety and Convenience Customers Appreciate

At Aquapap, we believe that our products and services create a bond with our customers so they know that we have their back, wherever they are. Why not hear about their experience in their own words?

Aquapap: Your Easier, Safer, and Healthier Water Choice

There are lots of brands of distilled water on the market, but they can’t match the value and convenience of Aquapap. Let’s dive into the difference Aquapap can make in your life.

Get vapor distilled safety at your doorstep, right on time

We know how essential it is to have pure water at your disposal wherever you are. But this can be harder than it seems. A lack of distilled water would be an inconvenience to some. But when you have specific medical needs, you don’t want to gamble with your health, especially when it comes to items like CPAP machines and other medical tools. The use of a CPAP machine without vapor distilled water increases the chance of exposing yourself to contaminants. However, bulk buying and having to lug around heavy gallons of water wherever you go can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. The good news is there is Aquapap vapor distilled water is the solution.

Aquapap brings pure vapor distilled water right to your doorstep wherever you are.  You can order a case of water to be delivered to your U.S. hotel or any other lodging so that you are never without the water you need when you need it. Most importantly, through our subscription service, you can expect your vapor distilled water at your door on a routine basis so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reorder. You can set your subscription according to how much vapor distilled water you use so that you always have the right amount with you. You can even change the subscription at any time if your needs change!

Imagine you are going on a cruise. While there is no end to water on cruise ships, they will probably not have a dedicated supply of vapor distilled water. Planning for a trip is a hectic process and it is easy to miss out on details. If you forget your vapor distilled water, you might be stuck with an unhealthy alternative. But even if you have carefully planned to pack a whole trip’s worth of distilled water gallons in your luggage. It will be simply too heavy to carry. If you have to fly, you’ll have to check a bag and hope that your water makes it through, jugs still intact.

Luckily, Aquapap follows you wherever you go. If traveling by water, you can easily plan the amount of water you need for your trip and have it delivered to the ship upon your arrival. Most importantly, you can place your order in advance and receive it at your destination on a date specified by you. This allows you to save on space and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will never be without your essential vapor distilled water, no matter where you are.  

Every CPAP user knows the frustration of traveling with a CPAP. When flying, the CPAP user has to find vapor distilled water before they go to sleep that night. This means they have to hire a taxi or an Uber to take them to a drug store and wait for them while they purchase that gallon jug of vapor distilled water. This hassle can cost $30 to $50 in most big cities. Imagine the ease of traveling stress-free while carrying the exact number of small, lightweight bottles of Aquapap vapor distilled water effortlessly through the TSA checkpoints or in your checked luggage.

 Clean, safe water in conveniently sized packs

For people who use vapor distilled water regularly, buying the right size bottle can play a bigger role than you would expect. Most companies that sell vapor distilled water provide them in gallon jugs. These containers are not only heavy, but they also have limited use. This is because vapor distilled water has a short time period where it is safe for use.

The process of distillation removes any kinds of contaminants from the water. This also means that once the bottle is opened, it becomes susceptible to cross-contamination. To avoid any health complications and to ensure you are getting the purest water, it is best to use vapor distilled water for single use. This is difficult to do when you have a gallon of water on your hands. In this case, you have two options - you either use unfit water or you end up wasting excess water.

Aquapap has identified and responded to this need by offering pure vapor distilled water in convenient serving sizes and packages. You can choose between 8oz, 12oz and 16.9oz single-serve bottles which are ideal for use on a daily basis. They are easy to carry and can fit easily in your handbags or backpacks as you go through your day. These bottles hold the ideal amount that allows them to be used over the course of a couple of days. This ensures that you always have access to safe vapor distilled water with you and you are always using the purest water at all times.

All Aquapap bottles can be ordered individually or in 7-pack8-pack10 pack12 pack, or 24 pack cases. Due to the manageable size, you can easily determine the amount of water you use over a period of time and simply buy the amount that suits your lifestyle. We also have a travel kit with adjustable inserts that allow you to carry two of our 12oz bottles along with Aquapap CPAP Wipes to use with your CPAP or other medical equipment, making your travel plans that much easier. This saves not only your wallet and your health but the environment as well.

Convenient care for the vulnerable

Aquapap was conceived out of a desire to make healthy water available to our clients in the most convenient way possible. Along the way, we have also seen the depth of the impact it has on people suffering from illnesses that leave them vulnerable to infection. This in particular can be seen in children and the elderly. Using pure water for infection-prone people can be a huge game-changer. Vapor distilled water is completely free of any additives that could react poorly to the food you make. This is especially important in cases such as baby formula.

vapor distilled water is good for making safe baby-formula

When it comes to taking care of a new member of your family, you can never be too careful. It is inadvisable to feed baby formula to an infant without proper sterilization. Aquapap’s vapor distilled water makes your baby-feeding routine simpler. Because our water is already 100% pure, all you need to do is mix it with the formula.

The same can be said for the food consumed by elderly people. When you are particularly open to infection, it is better not to take risks with your health. However, even such precautions can become tiresome to follow when done on a day-to-day basis. You can take that one additional burden off your shoulders with the convenient delivery of Aquapap vapor distilled water. 

Your health is valuable. Safeguard it with the purity and convenient delivery of Aquapap single-serving bottles.

The Safety Challenge: Aquapap’s Vapor Distilled Water vs. Other Types of Water

The value of pure water is hard to estimate. All over the globe, there are ingenious sources through which water is collected and distributed to people. While we generally have good access to water, there is a potential danger in not understanding the water you are using. The knowledge of what kind of water is available to you and what is best suited for the job is the difference between inadvertently exposing yourself to contaminants and complete security.

How pure is your tap water? 

If the news over the past few years has taught us anything, it is that our tap water is far less pure than we would like to think. This was highlighted by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and again more recently in Newark, New Jersey where elevated levels of lead were found in drinking water. Many families across America drink tap water believing that it has been treated according to strict regulations, however, this is often not as comprehensive as we would like to think. Public water filtration systems often cannot remove a number of contaminants. Leaving the safety of your family to chance is no choice at all, which is why vapor distilled water is a clear alternative.

Every year there are 16.4 million cases of acute gastroenteritis in the United States which can be directly associated with the public water supply. Poor infrastructure, lack of community funds, and reduced water quality from the source are all contributing factors to the challenges of providing clean water. Unfit drinking water can lead to a myriad of health issues including reproductive and neurological problems. When it comes to infants, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems, it is even more important to have access to clean and safe water.

However, in the case of tap water, high levels of lead, industrial chemicals, arsenic, and other contaminants pose a risk that may not always be removed through using a filter. This means that you may be drinking contaminated water right now. Depending on where you live, the percentage of toxins in your water can vary. For a detailed analysis of the quality of tap water near you, enter your zip code here.

Is groundwater or well water a safe alternative?

Groundwater is still a common source of water for a large number of people all around the world. In America, 50% of the population still relies on groundwater. It is particularly important for agriculture as it allows for easy irrigation of crops. But it is not usually fit for direct consumption. There is a common conception that water drawn from deeper in the earth is purer due to its limited access to pollution. Unfortunately, over the years, that too has changed due to the permeability of pollutants. Water pollution does not only happen on a surface level; it can sink into every level of the water table.

This pollution can commonly be seen due to factors such as septic tanks and landfills. In the case of septic tanks, the danger comes from their susceptibility to leaks. The toxic material from these tanks seeps into the water table over time. The same can be seen in landfills, which can be even more harmful as they contain large amounts of hazardous waste which are compressed into holes. Over the years, these contaminants have left no body of water untouched. This means that a large majority of groundwater sources now suffer from the same pollution as surface water, including microplastics and medical waste.

While we appreciate the implied purity of nature, we also know that you value scientifically proven safety. Our vapor distilled water takes the doubt out of the picture by giving you the purest water possible.

Is rainwater straight from the source safe?

In times when water was much harder to obtain, rainwater used to be an important resource for many people. These days, rather than a necessity, it is seen as an eco-friendly option. Through advanced harvesting techniques, the process of collecting rainwater has become much easier. However, there are a lot of issues that can arise from the direct consumption of rainwater. These days, due to the amount of pollution that exists in the atmosphere, the quality of rainwater has greatly deteriorated.

The phenomenon of acid rain illustrates this perfectly. Acid rain occurs when acidic components such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides come down with rainfall. Acid rain tends to happen when these acidic components are emitted into the atmosphere by factors such as manufacturing emissions and general vehicle pollution. Acid rain pollutes the surrounding environment and makes the water undrinkable. It also sinks into the water table which flows back into the cycle of precipitation, making rainwater perpetually dangerous without treatment.

Aside from filtering the water, people who harvest rainwater have to use processes like distillation to make the water usable. Like rainwater harvesting, distilling water is a process humans have relied on for centuries. While it is incredibly effective for purifying contaminated water, it is too time-consuming for most people to take on for themselves.

The Purity Challenge: Aquapap vs. Water Contaminants

Due to imbalances in infrastructure, water purity is often dependent on where you live. Even the types of contaminants can differ according to your geographical location and the relevant environmental policies. Some neighborhoods have water filled with limescale due to rusty pipes, and in other cases, unforeseen circumstances can result in disastrous consequences. The 2014 Elk River chemical spill in West Virginia and the 2017 algae bloom near Toledo, Ohio rendered the water in the surrounding areas unsafe for drinking. It isn’t hard to imagine the results this can have. Here are some additives and contaminants that you won’t find in Aquapap that you might find in your water – even if it’s bottled water.


Fluoride is a mineral that is present naturally in the body, and more specifically, our teeth. You’re probably familiar with it being in your toothpaste and present in other dental procedures.  However, studies have shown that consistent exposure to fluoride in large doses is poisonous and can have a direct effect on your cognitive abilities. It can be exceptionally hard to avoid because fluoride is often added to water at the municipal level.

In many homes in America, tap water is treated with fluoride. This was initially done in an attempt to improve the dental hygiene of the general public but has recently come under closer scrutiny and become a genuine concern for anyone wanting pure water. Even when used in machines, fluoride can potentially damage equipment by leaving deposits in the system. On the most basic level, you know that you deserve the right to choose what you use. Aquapap’s vapor distilled water is free of any such additives so only you decide what goes into your body.  

Pharmaceuticals in water

Some types of contamination can be more dangerous than others. One of the most concerning pollutants involves pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical contamination frequently takes place due to improper medical waste disposal. The biggest culprits are manufacturing facilities that dump chemicals into the water supply. Areas near these facilities have shown exponential levels of pharmaceutical toxins in the water. Even human excrement can be a source of contamination as the unprocessed pharmaceutical waste remains in the water despite filtration.

Such amounts of toxins are disastrous on multiple levels. Primarily they poison the water supply, which in spite of filtration, transfers the contamination into the people who consume it. This pollution infiltrates the food chain, perpetuating cycles of toxicity. While we may not have the capacity to fix the current water treatment system, we can provide you with a clean and secure alternative through our vapor distilled water. When you use Aquapap, you know that our only ingredient is a hundred percent pure water.

Acidity in water

The idea of acidic water is a fairly upsetting thought, even without details, because we usually think of water as being neutral. The previously mentioned phenomenon of acid rain is one of the most notable dangers of acidic water. However, you might not know if your water is acidic by taste alone. We often get used to the water we drink and may not be able to taste any difference. This is where pH level comes into play.

The pH level of any liquid tells you how acidic or basic that substance is. pH is measured on a scale of zero to fourteen, in which zero is completely acidic, fourteen is completely alkaline, and seven is the perfect neutral. When you use your regular water source, you can’t be sure what pH level it is unless you run a pH test on it.

Aquapap’s vapor distilled water is pH neutral, which means it is neither acidic nor alkaline. Rather than leave your pH to chance or test your water every time you use it, you can trust the neutral safety of Aquapap.

Purity You Can Trust, Delivered

The water crisis is not going away anytime soon. Availability of clean and pure water will continue to be a challenge in the near and distant future. Why take a chance when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones? With Aquapap, we give you one less thing to worry about. You can be 100% sure of the quality of our water and get it in the right amount. Whether you are looking to use distilled water for CPAP machines and humidifiers, Netipot nasal rinse, steam inhalers, facial steam, oxygen humidifiers, room humidifiers, microblading/tattoo aftercare, or just to ensure safe drinking water for your family, you can trust Aquapap. Shop at Aquapap and find the perfect package for you.
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