Finally, Convenient and Easy to Carry Vapor Distilled Water for Your CPAP!

At home or on the road, Aquapap’s TSA-friendly small size vapor distilled water bottles will revolutionize how you live with your CPAP.

Aquapap Makes Traveling with Your CPAP Water a Breeze

You know how important it is to use only distilled water in your CPAP’s humidifier. But lugging around gallon jugs or running to the grocery store once you get to your destination is enough of a hassle to make you want to stay home. But with Aquapap’s vapor distilled water in 8oz, 12oz, and 16.9oz bottles, you’ll always have the right water in the right amount. Aquapap is easy to pack and light to carry, and you can even sail through TSA with your bottles.*

Right-Sized Bottles Mean Safer Water and Convenience

Did you know that once a bottle of water is opened and exposed to the air, bacterial growth and cross contamination can render it unfit for use in just 48 hours? That means that gallon jug of distilled water you cracked open three or four days ago is not the safe, sterile water it used to be. When you use Aquapap’s perfectly portioned bottles, you’ll never risk using contaminated water (or end up dumping out half your gallon). This makes Aquapap safer for you and your CPAP machine. Choose from three sizes and get the right amount for one or two nights safely, conveniently, and without wasting water.

Get Aquapap Delivered to Your Home or Your Destination

With Aquapap’s flexible shipping options, you can have cases of your easy-carry CPAP vapor distilled water delivered to your doorstep or anywhere else in the U.S.A. Have your water delivered to your hotel, your Airbnb, or even to your cruise ship port on embarkation day. When you choose our subscription program, you won’t even have to remember to re-order. The right amount of water you need for the week or the month will show up right on schedule. Cases range from 7 to 24 bottles and always come with FREE shipping!

* As long as Aquapap bottles are accompanying a CPAP machine and the passenger has a letter from their doctor prescribing the need for a CPAP, bottles may be carried on regardless of other TSA restrictions. 

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