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Facial Steaming Vapor Distilled Water 8-pack (8 oz.)
Facial Steaming Vapor Distilled Water 8-pack (8 oz.)

Facial Steaming Vapor Distilled Water 8-pack (8 oz.)

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Distilled water is water that has been heated to the boiling point so that impurities are separated from the water, which itself becomes vapor or steam. Steam is then condensed back into pure liquid form. The impurities remain as residue and are removed. Distilled water also used for cleaning purposes due to its ability to bind dirt and impurities that comes in contact. Washing your face with distilled water will improve penetration of products that you use after washing your face. This water is also good to use for cleaning build-ups on your hair.

Can be used with the following brands: ECVISION, NanoSteamer, pure daily care, sunbeam, Vic’s, Beauty Nymph, K-SKIN, Esthology, Conair, Zenpy, Kingdom, OKACHI GLIYA, Dr Dennis Gross

(does not include facial steaming appliance)


  • Fill your steamer with distilled water "because tap water can have heavy metals that can affect the integrity of the steam itself." Distilled water will also prevent bacteria build up in the device.
  • Tap water contains minerals that can clog the machine's parts and leave mineral deposits on your face while steaming. Distilled water is free of impurities and has gone through a rigorous boiling process.
  • Skin Care – Those sensitive to allergies would benefit from using distilled water for their cleansing without impurities clogging up their pores.
  • The distilled water is better than normal tap water at dissolving impurities on our skin, even soap residue from facial cleanser. Once you have clean and unclogged pores, your skin is more than ready to receive the benefits of facial products that you applied after washing your face. Products will be absorbed better and your skin will feel the difference.
  • Washing your face using distilled water can improve your skin condition. The chlorine in tap water can strip moisture out of your skin, making your skin loose its elasticity. This is what we usually refer to as ‘tight feeling’ after washing our face.